Admission Policy

Christian Center accepts new students throughout Contra Costa county. It is our mission to train and prepare students in becoming well-rounded individuals who demonstrate Christ-like character, discipline and a love for learning.

Here are a few admission policy notes to acknowledge: 

Admission to Christian Center School is a privilege.

Christian Center School admits students of any race, color, national, and ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, proficiencies, and activities generally made available to the students of the school.

All students who can be helped by our program and are willing to cooperate with all programs will be accepted. Parents of students who are academically low must agree to the necessary remedial work to bring their child up to grade level.

All students and parents must understand that we are a Christian school that is dedicated to upholding and adhering to the Truth and infallibility of Biblical Scripture. Parents must be aware that an introduction to, and an invitation to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior will be extended to all students.

Students who enter the program academically low may be placed on academic probation until they have attained grade level work.
Achievement of satisfactory progress within certain time constraints must be met or the parent may be asked to withdraw the student from the school.

Christian discipline, being an integral part of the school program, requires that students align to the regulations of the school.
Students not conforming to such policies will be given opportunities to change their behavior according to our discipline guidelines; failure to comply will result in expulsion.

Students WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED if they have been expelled from any school unless approved by administrators and School Board.

Students who have been suspended from any other school for any reason will have those circumstances evaluated in light of the student’s repentant attitude.
Final decisions in these matters rest with the principal and administrative team.
Reasons for any non-acceptance decisions do not need to be given and are final.

Students will not be accepted for admission after the beginning of the 4th quarter unless they are transferring from another school out of the area, and the transfer is based upon the family moving to this area.

Before we can admit a new student or re-enroll a student here at Christian Center School, there are a few items we must have.
On the right menu are forms you could download ( in PDF format ), fill out and bring with you to the school. This is to expedite the enrollment process.

Financial Policies

All policies regarding financial obligations could and can be subject to change. Please acquire this form from the main office.

Documents You Must Acquire From The Business Office:

• FACTS agreement form (sections 2 & 3 only) Mandatory for Monthly payment
• Tuition Contract (carbon copy)
• Financial Policy
• Documents We Require from You
• Immunization Record – Kindergarten
• Birth Certificate – Present for Kindergarten Application
• Health Requirements

We would like to make sure that students have the best healthy environment we could possibly offer. To do this we must ensure that all new and re-enrolling students have had the proper medical care.

The following forms are required for students to be considered for admission here at Christian Center School:

• Immunization record – Kindergarten
• Health Exam – First Grade
• Contact

If you have questions regarding admissions, feel free to contact us.
Business hours – Monday through Friday 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM
Office Phone: 925-439-2552
Office Fax: 925-439-2555